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Monday 23 May 2011

I've been a bit fixated on the way other designers use materials of late. Perhaps it has something to do with all the material research I've been doing at work. I'm really interested in the idea of taking something quite ordinary and pushing its boundaries to create something unique and exciting.

A great example of this is the jewellery of Italian Designer, Maria Cristina Bellucci. Her collection, "Colours" is all about exploring colour pencils. I think her investigation into this simple, everyday material is so clever. Her designs uniquely reveal different qualities of coloured pencils, exploiting colour, form and texture. Her jewellery is beautifully crafted, ensuring her ideas are well executed.

If you're in Melbourne, she happens to have some of her work at Bini Gallery on Smith St in Collingwood at the moment. Woo hoo for us! Otherwise, click here to visit her website.

All images are reproduced with the permission of Maria Cristina Belluci.


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