ball-nogues studio.

Sunday 17 July 2011

The partners of Ball-Nogues Studio trained as architects and now work in a realm that lies somewhere between architecture and installation. As architects, they have an awareness of how structures come together and how spaces relate to the human body. However, the temporary nature of their work and the focus on the experiential rather than functional, steers their work toward the realm of installation. Amazing, visually stunning work. It makes me jealous.

See more of their work on their website.

Built to Wear, Hong Kong 2009. Photographs by Benjamin Ball.
Spock's Blocks, 2009, Bordeaux. Photograph by arc en reve.
Gravity's Loom, 2010. Image courtesy of Indianapolis Museum.

Elastic Plastic Sponge, Coachella, 2005. This structure was built by the students of Southern California Institute of Architects in a studio led by Ball Nogues. How cool. Photographs by Chris Ball.
Maximilian's Schell, 2005. Photograph by Oliver Hess.

Images courtesy of Ball-Nogues Studio.


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