best wedding invite ever.

Monday 10 October 2011

My very special friend Julie (aka trend forecasting, fashionista extraordinaire) gave me her wedding invite yesterday and I am totally in love. She designed and made them herself and they are just perfect. Apart from being lovely to look at, the invite reflects both Julie and Alisdair's personalities: bright, joyful, energetic and fun. I particularly love the coloured confetti that explodes from the envelope. It's oozes of Julie's happy-go-lucky, beaming smile.

Invites by Julie Gork. Photographed by me.


  1. This was my second time attending an event at this place, and was my first business event here (the other event was a charity show).

  2. I have a question that the wedding gowns in the pictures is plus size wedding dresses or just a nomal wedding dresses? But i like it very much.


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