peter zumthor's own private home.

Wednesday 9 November 2011

When I was studying architecture, Peter Zumthor was architecture crush number one. Hero status increased exponentially when I visited the Vals Thermal Baths in Switzerland in 2007 (hot springs, award winning architecture and swiss alps really are a winning combination).

Me bathing at Vals Therme in Switzerland
Despite being an avid Zumthor fan, I recently stumbled on an image of his kitchen on Pinterest and realized that I'd never seen his own house. From what I can gather it was completed in 2006 but mustn't have been highly publicized. Casa Z Coira is located in Haldestein beside his studio.

I managed to find these images of his home. It's classic Zumthor; formally restrained, set in an intensely beautiful landscape and exhibiting a romantic play between material and light.

Photographs by Walter Mair. Images found here and here. While we're talking about him, there's a pretty good summary of his work here which might explain why his work moves me so much.


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