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Monday 5 December 2011

I've spent the morning trying to detail a pivot door and I feel like everyone (namely door hardware suppliers) are ruining all my fun and telling me that my door is too big and that it's never going to work. I'll admit upfront that this is a bit of an "I told you so" post. Take note door hardware suppliers. Watch and learn as you regard the pivot door wizardry below.

Disclaimer: Just in case you are judging me for being vindictive and bitter, I don't actually intending to send this collection of fabulous door porn to my suppliers. It's just a little collection to give me hope and encourage me to persevere.

by Allen Bianchi Architects via Remodelista.

Details unknown via Pinterest.
Espacio T by Steven Holl via Pinterest.
Shigita House by Masato Sekiya via Dezeen.
Details unknown via Yellowtrace.


  1. haha! I think it would be quite an amusing to send it to the suppliers! I wonder what the response would be?

  2. I totally think you should send them this collection of doors! Make them eat their words and such ;) They're just stunning

  3. Oh would love love to have this, especially the first two beauties!!

  4. I often find myself fighting with suppliers and stores over what I want. They always think they know best and often they don't! Stick to your guns!

  5. I love a great pivot door! Great images!


  6. p.s. send the pics to the suppliers! they always say no when it is too difficult for them to figure out.

  7. Love the first image. I want that door:)

  8. Haha love it! There is another pivoting door that I think you will like but I can't remember the name of the building, but it was in a residential project and there is a double vertical bike storage cavity with a pulley on the left hand side of it urghhhhhhh on the tip of my tongue!

    Also Moorilla Winery [aka where MONA is] has a mega pivoting door too that you may like!


  9. Thanks for all the comments! I'm glad you're all feeling the pivot door love.

    In good news, after almost a week's worth of phone calls, I think I'm getting a little closer to resolving this door!! I'm hell bent on making this happen!


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