vignettes of north luzon, philippines

Wednesday 15 February 2012

Banaue. Batad. Hapao. Exploring 5000 year old rice terraces.

A basic hotel with the kindest, most gentle and generous host...Forceful bouncing in my jeepney seat...Trekking, trekking, trekking...Cursing inappropriate shoes...High pitched cackles wafting from the school on the mountain...A tightrope of precariously perched rocks...Quivering quadriceps and a sweaty brow...Soggy toed workers in the field...Locals trekking like me but carting furniture for the school....Puppy eyes asking for my lunch...Some drizzle, a sunhat and no raincoat...Saturated greens...Steam rising from hot springs...The fog clearing at just the right moment...A purple yam birthday cake, just for me...A majestic drive home.

The little guy on the end of my staff saved my life, I'm sure.
I took this with my iPhone. No Photoshopping on this one. I swear!


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