carine roitfeld's apartment.

Monday 21 May 2012

I rarely find myself interested in celebrity homes, but the Paris apartment of French Vogue's editor, Carine Roitfeld, is so enviably chic it's impossible not to gawk in admiration.

The bones of her apartment have an understated femininity; the filigree of the mouldings, the gentle curves of the archways and doors. The newer insertions are by contrast very linear, stripped back, with the crispest detailing. The rigorous commitment to the neutral colour scheme bring it all together into one, cohesive scheme. Photographed in 2008, I think this is a really successful example of lasting, classic design.

I discovered this through Share Design (which I've blogged about before here). Those following me on Facebook would know that I won this bench for subscribing. Woo hoo! So just to reiterate from my previous post, it's definitely worth subscribing. Gosh, I really do love winning things.


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