room 11 for melbourne water.

Thursday 14 June 2012

Now that our GEYSER project is under way, I've got my eye out for a few things: lateral material approaches, powerful visual experiences and projects relating to the theme of water. This installation by Tasmanian Architects, Room 11 ticks all those boxes.

Designed for Melbourne Water as part of the Melbourne State of Design festival (remember the days when we had funding for such festivals?) this installation invites visitors to think about water, the role it plays on our lives and what water means for us, as a finite resource. The installation is made up of thousands of test tubes suspended from string, carrying a small amount of water and a little note. The notes together tell a broader story as a whole and visitors were encouraged to take a piece of that story as they left.

There is such depth in the visitor experience here. I love how the aesthetic outcome, material choice and general design approach are so focused on the project intent.

Here are some additional process images which I find just as beautiful as the final result:

Project team at Room11: Jack May, Rachel Ang, Maurie Novak, Shlomit Rubinstein, Harley 
Photography by Aaron Roberts.
All images via Room 11.


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