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Wednesday 18 July 2012

Today I'd like to go on a treasure hunt inside this gem of a jewellery store.  Designed by Vaillo + Irigaray and located in Pamplona, Spain, this 30sqm retail space is lined with thin, wave cut metal blades. By creating this blurred threshold zone at its perimeter, the space feels like it's floating and extending to some place beyond where the eye can see.

The jewellery is stored on pedestals which slide in between the sheets. There are additional storage chests with secret, concrete doors. It's a display space that tantalises. It invites visitors to discover little pockets of treasure within the crevices of its walls.

For me, the real glory of this space is the detail and materiality. Just look at how taut that floating bench is. Don't even get me started on those wafer thin concrete doors. Or the little stamped imprints in the concrete. Too good.

Images via Retail Design Blog. Photographs by Jose M. Cutillas.


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