Tuesday 14 August 2012

I have this unofficial rule of no letters or words on architecture unless it's essential signage. Time to bend the rules for this little retail fitout for Playtype in Copenhagen. Playtype is a left of centre concept store where fonts are purchased in store. The store also sells a range of typography related paraphernalia for die hard hipsters type lovers. 

I'm not sure if my growing love of type is influencing me (I blame blogging), but don't the letters make the space here? Without getting too tricksy, walking into this space seems like the equivalent of walking into the pages of a well designed magazine. The composition of jumbled letters using the patterned floor and copper joinery as a backdrop, turns a two dimensional discipline into something spatial.

The store gets extra brownie points from me for encouraging face to face contact in an otherwise person to screen interaction. A clever contribution to the urban fabric, I say.

Images via Dezeen.


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