mira münchen nordheide photographed by nick frank

Thursday 25 October 2012

It's not often that a shopping centre gets me excited but this candy striped facade, expertly captured by photographer Nick Frank, is hard not to love. Designed by Chapman Taylor, the facade is a mix of powder coated aluminium and reflective stainless steel panels in an array of eye-catching hues. Being an accordion surface, the colours transform as the material turns the corner and becomes subject to different lighting conditions and adjacent colours.
I admit that it's probably the photography I've fallen for more than the architecture itself. I could go on full blown rant about windowless malls being a scourge of the urban environment etcetera etcetera but let's just focus on the good stuff, okay?

The photography depicts romantic, rosy tones a little reminiscent of a Jeffrey Smart painting or a 1950s beachside postcard (you can see more true to life colours here if you're curious). Using mostly orthogonal viewpoints, it exaggerates the strict geometry and repetition of the facade, highlighting the sculptural prowess of the built form. As an exercise in photography, colour and geometry, these images totally hit the spot.

Images via The Superslice


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