bar nazdrowje

Friday 28 June 2013

Stockholm based designer Richard Lindvall, transformed an old carpark into this Polish restaurant and bar. 

Heavy use of textured concrete, exposed pipes and oxidized copper certainly allude to the site's industrial past, yet the materials are approached with a sense of minimalist refinement. There are little details that erode the rawness of the carpark's history. For example, the sleek slim profile of the leather seat back, or the way the concrete seats are cast with wafer thin edges. There are copper pipes housing the lighting but it's a restrained glossy thin line, rather a fanfare of exposed services crowding the ceiling.

Unfortunately, this carpark-turned-designer-restaurant is not the end of the story. It has sinced morphed into the story of restaurant-turned-feral-sportsbar. Boo. How rude.

Images via Emmas Design Blogg.


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