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Tuesday 23 July 2013

Yes, I call my projects my "babies." I'm very excited to finally share a recently completed project I worked on. As part of Chamberlain Javens Architects, I worked on the interior of these five spacious apartments in the leafy suburb of Toorak. I had an awesome time designing it and I am overjoyed to see it built.

As the end occupants are unknown, the intent was to keep it reasonably neutral. It invites the final occupants to colour their space with their own stories and personalities. Whilst providing a neutral backdrop, I was hell bent on avoiding a lifeless, flat sea of beige. To that end, textures, detail and generous proportions became key players. The french grey parquetry flooring, timber veneer panelling and honed limestone provide an earthy finish, giving the surfaces tactility and depth despite being neutral in tone. The customised turned timber handles by the ever so lovely crew at Interia (who actually sent me their catalogue after reading this post) are scattered throughout, sitting like crisp sculptures on the joinery. With the generous proportions of full height doors and weighty benchtops, day to day life is given a sense of occasion.

The Powder room is the only slight departure from the rest of the apartment. Covered in shimmering blue green mosaic tiles with a brass pendant floating in the space, it is the little jewel hidden in the depth of the apartment.

Photographed by Derek Swalwell, I was pretty chuffed when Derek sent through the proofs. Sent with a "too many" photos disclaimer, his email pretty much became one of the best things that's ever floated into my inbox.

After countless emails, phone calls, google research sessions and who knows how many site visits, it feels pretty darn good to see this space complete and ready to become someone's new home.

Photography by Derek Swalwell.


  1. Hi Would you mind telling where the tiles in the bathroom are from? There are super nice!. thank you.

  2. Dear Ella, I would love to know where I can find those tiles.

  3. Hi. I'd also like to know where you can find the blue green mosaic tiles and the (what appears to be) D shaped bath tub. Thanks.Liz

  4. Hi Ella, I'd really like to know where you sourced the powder room tiles? Thank you

  5. Dear Ella. Please can I know the supplier of your French Grey herringbone floors in Tourak. Thank you Benjamin

  6. Hi, the green tiles in the bathroom are awesome, could you tell me where they are from? thank you..

  7. Dear Ella, thank you so much for shaming your thoughts with us. The pictures are very inspiring! I am in love with the poeder room in the house you worked on. Are you open to share the name and producer of the green grey strip tiles? I tried to find the subscribe box on your site but i coulant find it. Could you please help me where to find it on your site? Thans a lot! Warm regards! Carina Weijma from the NETHERLANDS


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