Guest Post by sam elsworthy: Taller de Té / Tea Workshop

Thursday 26 September 2013

Amid a residential neighbourhood in Bogota, Colombia, a modest street-level façade precedes the small but bold conversion within. The garage, courtyard and laundry of the home above have been converted into a “space for experimentation, production and services around tea” by architects Oficina Informal.

A prismatic structure of glass and steel connects the new spaces through light and form, and static elements appear dynamic.

Geometric patterns are also utilised elsewhere; salvaged hexagonal ceramic floor tiles, handcrafted linear parquet in the main space, and triangular details in the furniture.

In a small space that does big things, a multifunctional mantra is necessary. Adaptive items, such as the corner bleachers and mobile shelving, can accommodate changing requirements. Even the connecting structure does more than just look fantastic; it collects rainwater for reuse, provides shelter, and conceals lighting.

Craftsmanship and detail are showcased here, and the result is an inviting and invigorating environment in which to make memories and drink some superb tea.

Text by Samantha Elsworthy for Pages from my Moleskine.
Samantha is a Student of Interior Design & Decoration at RMIT, graduating this year. 

[Images via Platforma Arquitectura and Oficina Informal]


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