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Friday 6 September 2013

I went to the opening of Things to Play with by Anna Varendorff at Craft Victoria. With a background in jewellery, the artist has produced a series brass objects which visitors are encouraged to touch, reassemble and understand through the action of play. The vibration through touch activates a soundscape, which resonates through the gallery.

Between the exquisite craft of these objects, the multi-faceted shadows, the sensation of touch and the wash of pulsating sound, this was definitely my kind of playground. 

The program notes (which I read once I'd left) encourage visitors to pick up the objects and leave a trail. Even with the artist's obvious encouragement, upon reflection, I realised how mannered and restrained my interaction with this installation was. Perhaps tapping on one or two objects and sliding them from side to side was not so radical after-all.  

If you want to test how far you're willing to take the idea of "play" in a gallery context, Things to Play is showing until October 12th, 2013.

[Photos by me]


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