grundtvig church, copenhagen

Tuesday 4 March 2014

If you've been following me for a while, you may remember that this Danish church was one of the my first posts. My admiration for this monolithic brick structure hasn't subsided in the least, so I'm excited to share these photos from my in-the-flesh visit.

The approach to the building wasn't quite what I was expecting. Located outside of the city centre, the church was built as part of a new housing development in the 1910s. A series of identical houses were formally arranged along an axis leading up to the church entry. I found the solid brick facade a little severe, particularly in tandem with the surrounding housing development. It felt like Metropolis meets new suburbia, which was a little unnerving.Yet when I cracked open the side door, all apprehension dissipated. This space was as sublime as I had been expecting. The beauty of the brick detailing, the gentle vertical rhythm and the almost foggy pale glow of light washing down the nave - nothing let me down. On top of that, there was nobody else in there. I had his heavenly space, all to myself. How blissful and surreal.


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