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Friday 13 March 2015

Some days the internet makes my brain feel like confetti- a series of erratic, energetic explosions which quickly turn into a scattered mess. More and more, I crave moments of focus. In an attempt to reclaim this my brain, I've taken up daily yoga practice.

As someone whose mental headspace is so sensitive my physical environment, I was in search for a studio that would support my ability to find stillness.

Enter Move Yoga. Designed by Hecker Guthrie, the space has the calm and minimalist feel of a Japanese onsen mixed with undertones of a Scandinavian aesthetic. The gently curving wall of timber tubes (reminiscent of Shigeru Ban's work) and the scattered greenery in handmade pottery allude to a Japanese sensibility, while the limed oak floor and monochromatic palette have a Scandinavian feel. Steel framed glazed doors separate the studio spaces from the communal spaces with sheer linen drapery to filter the visual connection, whilst hinting at the movement beyond. Bulbous woven pendant lights hang throughout, providing low lighting, giving the studio a sense of calm. 

The act of focusing on my body in this space, with all devices safely locked away, truly does amazing things for my daily headspace.

Photographs by Earl Carter


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