the cave.

Monday 13 June 2011

Last Friday night, I entered "The Cave," a late night venue for Jazz Festival goers. It was a night of sporadic performances held at the normally private Kelvin Club.

The entry was at the end of a little known laneway off Russell street. Dark, disconnected and seemingly underground, it was a night of bizarre escapism.

Highlight for the evening were the contemporary dancers from the 2nd Toe Collective. Dressed in theatrical white costumes, their ghostly presence lingered through the crowd the entire evening, occasionally breaking out into synchronized performance. Given my recent posts about my love of white and paper dresses, it's no surprise they're the ones that caught my eye. The baguette wielding Japanese songstress and the frighteningly sultry vocalist were also worth seeing.

Unfortunately, The Cave closed last night. I was hoping to post this Saturday morning to spread the word but ended us cursing and shaking my fist at my computer instead. To make up for it, I'll keep my ear to the ground and let you know when 2nd Toe are next performing.

Photographs by me


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