sugary goodness & a new market on the south side.

Sunday 12 June 2011

My friends Tarryn and Demie of Joyce + Made architects just completed a fitout for chocolate shop, Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio on Chapel St. I'd heard about the sugared rose petals and alcoholic marshmallows they'd sampled at client meetings so I just had to head south side to check it out. I also dropped into the new South Yarra Market while I was in the hood.

B&P is a laboratory of sugary delights. It's a place "where science meets sweetness" to produce some of the most unique and amazing desserts. Oh yes, and there are tasting samples, so form an orderly queue and get yourselves over there.

The most exciting part of the shop is the ingredient wall which is packed with glass containers holding the most incredible selection of ingredients like dehydrated berries and dextrose mint. Customers can select a series of ingredients and B&P will design a cake, based on your selections.

The fitout is quite simple. Walls, ceiling and display cabinets are entirely lined in cork. There are a few punchy white accents, like the central display case, the cylindrical light fittings and the little white cabinet pulls. There is a giant cork lined door at the back of the shop, which sits wide open so you can peer into the kitchen and watch the magic unfold...

Cloud meringue up for tasting. Amazing texture with intense, natural flavour.
More delicious tastings.

White cabinet pulls

I also checked out the new South Yarra market, which is filled with vintage finds and handmade goodies. It only kicked off last weekend so it's quite small but it definitely looks like the beginnings of a successful venture. Vintage lovers will have a field day fossicking through the stalls.
Head pieces by Pleasure, Little Treasure
All photos in this post by me.


  1. Love your blog Ella! Your family is so artistic. Have you shown this to Tita Cri yet? She'd love it.

  2. Thanks Ate Kathleen! I've been enjoying your blog too! I suspect Tita Cristy is already reading it but I'll send it to her just in case...

  3. this place looks absolutely incredible!

  4. Tarryn will be aghast that the white cabinet handles are not aligned...the shop looks great

  5. It makes me want to set up my own ingrediant wall at home.


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