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Sunday 26 June 2011

I've been following New Zealand architects, Patterson Associates and Fearon Hay for the last year or so. I might go as far as to say that they're both in my top ten. With a growing suspicion that there is a wider design scene in New Zealand than I may have been aware of, I went seeking for more architectural gems from this not-so-distant country. Here is a peak at some of the goodies I found.

The majestic landscapes of this sparsely populated country presents plenty of opportunities for play between built form and natural surrounds. I think this is what excites me most about the work from New Zealand. There were so many more images I wanted to include in this post so click on the practices' names to be redirected to their websites and see more.

Images from ArchDaily

Image from here.
Image from ArchDaily

Images from Parsonson's website.

Image from ArchDaily.
Images from ArchDaily.
map architects. 
Image from ArchDaily
Image of works in progress from MAP Architect's website.


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