those bread tags are worth saving.

Monday 27 June 2011

My trusty sources tell me that the details of the sustainable lighting design competition, "Lightsource," will be released today. The competition is part of the State of Design Festival and is hosted by lighting design practice, Electrolight.

My friend and ex-collegue, John Lim, won the competition when it last ran in 2009. His winning entry was composed of an LED strip, threaded in between those little square plastic bread tags which most of us throw away. Who would have thought that such a ho-hum object could transmit such beautiful qualities of light? Genius!

Winning entry by John Lim
This year's winning entry will be displayed permanently in the fantastical Donkey Wheel House undercroft. How chuffed would you feel to have your work their permanently? Hmm...I wonder how tricky it will be to add lighting design to the list of things I do?

*** UPDATE***
My sources were correct. Details of the competition were posted here a few hours ago. It's an LED challenge again! Thinking cap is on.

Donkey Wheel House. Images from Flickr


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