we finally find a new home.

Wednesday 29 June 2011

I’m happy to announce that after months of searching, my other little family, also known as Chamberlain Javens Architects, have finally found a new home.

By some bizarre coincidence, we’ve managed to score an office which we designed ourselves, when we were still operating as BURO Architects. We designed a plywood folded platform which was inserted into the existing office space. The plywood platform was conceptually folded and manipulated to form the desks, shelving and meeting room spaces.

There's also an outdoor deck with views of the church spires. Lucky for me, this deck is located just in front of my desk-to-be. Only two more weeks before we move into this dreamy plywood space.

My desk to be.
Meeting room.

Photographs by Dianna Snape.


  1. wow your new space is incredible! Can I come and work for you?? I could maybe sharpen some pencils or dust the plywood to keep it looking lovely!!!

  2. people always say architects should live in the buildings they design. now you will. good luck

  3. wow ella that space is gorgeous! how fantastic to have all that clean white space - great for coming up with fantastic ideas when your physical space isn't all cluttered and ugly!! i'm going to show these to my bosses & tell them this is what a real studio should look like!!

  4. you get to work here?!
    It's amazing! Talk about jealousy over here!
    Congrats lady. What a great project

  5. you get to work here?!
    It's amazing! Talk about jealousy over here!
    Congrats lady.


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