fashion hero, akira isogawa.

Friday 1 July 2011

I don't think my blog would be complete without at least one post about my favourite Australian fashion designer, Akira Isogawa.

It's not at all surprising that his garments are frequently spotted in Art Galleries. I caught a series of fabric origami studies he did at the National Gallery back when I was still studying and I've been in awe of his work ever since. I love the intensity of his embellishments and how this interplays with the layers and layers of sheer, billowing fabrics. For me (and I'm sure for many), his work is a visual feast.

I saw him at a supplier function once and was tempted to come up to him and tell him that he was my hero. Luckily I was too shy. I was really too star struck to communicate like a normal human being!

Currently making excuses to justify purchasing this neckpiece.
 Images from Akira's website.


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  2. a lecturer of mine has an Akira scarf. I get complete fashion envy/extreme lust every time she wears it. sigh.

    [removed my previous comment as it had a spelling booboo and it irritated me ha!]


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