hand drawings and yu kawakita.

Thursday 16 June 2011

These sketches by artist, Yu Kawakita, have reminded me of how powerful a hand drawn image can be.  Seeing these drawings are enough to leave me mouth ajar and eyes twinkling. Have a look at the painstaking detail and the considered variation in pen pressure in the close up image. There's something really satisfying about knowing these were produced by hand.

It makes me think it's time to dust off the 6B pencils and Rotring pens. I think the last hand drawn presentation I did was in final year university. If only I could draw as quickly as the computer. Oh, the sad reality of time constraints. Sigh....

Images from Triangulation Blog.


  1. Oh wow, the details are amazinggg! I hope you're feeling inspired and creating something wonderful yourself :)!

  2. These sketches remind me of those sculptures made of string you posted earlier. It's amazing how three-dimensional they seem and I can almost feel the liquid-like texture of some of these images.


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