origami addict.

Monday 20 June 2011

The concept of manipulation by folding is something that seems to permeate almost all of my interests, whether it be architecture, contemporary dance or garment construction. I'm amazed at how complex sculptural forms can be created with a series of simple folds. I'd be happy to explore this idea over and over and over again in all its various interpretations. Yes, I declare, I am an origami addict.

Feast your eyes on these creations by twenty-something year old artist, Richard Sweeney. He takes the idea of folding to new heights. I'm in awe of his ability to create these textural paper landscapes using single sheets of paper. What an incredibly three dimensional mind he must have to understand how these forms come together.

If you're an origami addict like me, it's also well worth checking out the blog "Pleat Farm." While you're at it, check out this building which was posted on Design Boom today.

All images above from Richard Sweeney's website.


  1. amazing folds. when i look at a piece of origami and i am admiring how beautiful it is i always get to that part where i am also completely in awe of the idea that someone engineered this and had to think through the pattern. how do they do that? ah, love this post and will definitely check out the links. thanks.

  2. Wooooow, those things were definitely created by some patient and nimble fingers :)


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