goodbye hardware lane.

Wednesday 6 July 2011

As I approach the last few days at our Hardware Lane office, I'm starting to feel a little nostalgic.

My camera and I went on a lunchtime tour as a last hurrah. I headed to Brother Baba Budan and gazed at the chair infested ceiling whilst I sipped on my chai and reminisced about girly catch ups of times gone by. Then I headed to the local portal into Paris, La Belle Miette, the patisserie specializing in macarons for a hazelnut macaron. It was deliciously fudgy inside with a perfectly crispy outer shell. Last but not least, I peeped into The Hardware Society, which has unofficially been our office's second meeting room and the source of many scrumptious lunches and snacks.

Upon reflection, Hardware Lane and its immediate surrounds are a great example of successful urban design. It's the perfect environment for the flaneur; the urban stroller. It's human in scale and perpetually buzzing with pedestrian activity.  It's got so many treasures hiding within its crevices. In fact, I heard that there's a hotel above Captains of Industry that's free for visitors (found on this blog). Who knew? I'll have to make sure I come back to see what else is waiting to be discovered.

All images in today's post by me.


  1. That's a nice send off to a part of the city that I'm sure many are fond of.

    Hardware Lane - not just for the tourists!!

  2. It's beautiful there!

  3. Those are beautiful photographs. It makes me want to travel there to take it all in.



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