aleksandra domanovic

Thursday 1 September 2011

I'm always drawn to art and design that explores unique processes. So it's without surprise that I've fallen in love with these artworks by Aleksandra Domanovic. These columns are made of stacks of paper, 7500 pages high, with ink jet images printed on the face, The edges of the sheets create a subtle striation and the ink bleeds away at the edges. I feel like I enter some sort of dreamlike subconscious when I look at these.

Via My Modern Met blog. If you're interested in dabbling with a bit of art/design blogging but aren't ready to make the full commitment, you can submit blog posts to My Modern Met. If you catch the eye of one of their curators, your blog post will be featured and sent to their subscribers.


  1. Paper art is the beeeeest

  2. Hey, I featured on this post on my own blog at Hope you don't mind.
    Also, being an architect is on my bucket list & I'm pursuing a career in the field, amongst other things. From what I can see, you're quite something. Would be cool to meet you and chat, but I'm in Sydney.


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