brunch at heide.

Sunday 21 August 2011

When I was invited to brunch at Heide Gallery this weekend, I was pretty excited. Heide II is one of my favourite buildings in Melbourne. Originally designed as an artist's residence by McGlashan Everist in 1962, it now operates as an exhibition space. Flash forward fifty years and Heide II is one serious case of a building aging gracefully. The moss and age marks only add to the beauty of the architecture. It sits effortlessly in the landscape, swallowed by the whimsical gardens. Cue the romantic glow of shadows and there you have one beautiful building.

I couldn't photograph the inside, but click here for a sneek peak. In addition to what my photographs can illustrate, the open ended, interlocking planning of the spaces and the open tread staircase make this building truly spectacular.

All photos from today's post by me.


  1. heidi II is definitely one of my favourites as well! What a gorgeous place to spend such a lovely sunny day!

  2. Gorgeous photos!! heidi II really is a wonderful exhibition space..


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