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Monday 22 August 2011

The much coveted Nook sofa.

Some of you might remember me mentioning my love of the Nook sofa by Jardan in my lark+linen interview. I didn't include an image at the time, so thought I'd make up for it by giving it it's own blog post. One reason I'm drawn to the Nook (other than the fact that it's beautiful), is that it's made locally. In fact, it's made in the same suburb I spent the twenty formative years of my youth, Mt Waverley. The ladies at Jardan were kind enough to send me these photos of their factory where their furniture is meticulously hand crafted. When I eventually save up the pennies for my Nook, it's nice to know my pennies will go to this local business.


Thanks to Rowena, Sashia and Linda of Jardan for organizing the images. This may sound like a sponsored post but it isn't. I just like to show my support for local businesses making great products. Plus they get extra brownie points for being made in childhood neighbourhood!


  1. Who wouldda thought it's from the Wav. Good one.

  2. @K-one I know! PS. About a minute after I posted this, I discovered that We Heart It blogged about Jardan today too: Love it. Jardan, conquering the world from the M Wav!

  3. Such a great post you have, would be nice to have sofa just like on photos . Great setting which the bedroom is viewed by the scenery outside.


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