nadia duvall.

Sunday 28 August 2011

I see a strong correlation between Nadia Duvall's works and some of the landscapes that I recently shared. However, Nadia Duvall draws stronger associations with biological concepts rather than landscapes. These works are developed by dropping paint into water, allowing the paint to develop into a film which gathers and spreads into arbitrary formations. The artist refers to this film as her "second skin." I think the result is spectacularly beautiful.
Nadia Duvall was born in 1986 and only graduated from her Fine Arts degree in 2008. What an amazing talent.

Images via Future in Color and Glamcult. Discovered through my friend, Caitlin who has the most glorious image bank living on her desktop. PS. Caitlin, I think you need to start a blog.


  1. these really struck a chord with me. You always find the most amazing works!

  2. @jacquelyn |lark linen Glad you like them too. I wish I could have one!


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