q&a with erin flannery.

Monday 8 August 2011

Australian artist and fashion illustrator, Erin Flannery's work incorporates so many of my favourite things: an appreciation of texture, a gentle femininity and an interest in black and white with a constant exploration of what lies in between. Her work is whimsical and ephemeral, suggesting forms and figures without divulging the whole story. She recently had a solo showing in Queensland called "Erin Flannery Lives in Black and White."  She also has her own blog, which is a mix of her paintings plus images of her daily life.

As a special treat for moleskine readers, Erin took some time out to participate in a little Q&A. Lucky us!

My personal favourite, Frankie with Lacy Halo.

1. Which of your paintings are you most proud of? A tough question! I hate to say it but there is no one canvas that stands out from the rest – two of my favourites are from my recent solo exhibition Trendy Topknot Goodness’ and ‘Hot Shot, Polka Dot (With Topknot). I love that they both only have one eye. Also 'Bird Girl on Bread Board'

Bird Girl on Bread Board
Hot Shot Polka Dot (with Topknot)
Trendy Topknot Goddess.
2. Who are your key influences? Anyone from the fashion world, especially models – they create the most amazing shapes!

3. You've just renovated your house which draws on a similar aesthetic to your paintings. What's your favourite part of the renovation and whyEasy! The dream studio with white floorboards! White floorboards are so perfect for workspaces :)

Shots from Erin's renovation.

4. Do you think blogging has changed you as an artist in any way? Blogging doesn’t really change my art much, its just a different way of getting it out there and researching. I guess it does change my work routine slightly – you’re much less likely to slip into ‘procrastination mode’ if you have to maintain a blog. I also love the way it forces me to carry a camera and USE it daily...you notice so much more when you have a camera in your hand…getting back into photography has been fun.

Erin's photography as posted on her blog.
5. What's in the pipelineI just completed a really fun freelance illustration job – I really loved working with my graphics tablet and scanner - I would LOVE to do a bit more of that! I’m exploring a few ideas involving different printing methods and using more white cotton with detailed hand stitching and knots to create shapes and texture. I would also like to do some more sculptural pieces like the recent collaboration I did with my sister called The Chair that came out of the closet - a limited edition series of vintage timber chairs with high heels as feet, based on a stencil i did a few years ago! And hopefully a dash of travel somewhere in between all of that! I’m just trying to work out how to make my passport photo look cool....
Recent freelance illustration work.
The Chair that came out of the closet.

I'm really excited to have Erin as a guest on my blog today so a massive thanks goes to her for participating in this interview. She is represented by Anthea Polson Gallery and you can read more about her here Follow Melbournians, let's start hassling some galleries so we can see more of her work here!

All images via Erin's blog.


  1. lovely interview! love white floorboards too.

  2. exceptional! i love the ballerina bun ones...so cool. can't wait to see what you do with the calcite brick sample...it sounds like a beautiful and unique material! thanks for your comment! xx

  3. I love the suggested beauty and movement through simple washed strokes...lovely work, Erin! And thanks, Ella for posting. Exquisite choice as usual xx


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