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Tuesday 27 September 2011

My bookcase is seriously heaving and it's literally starting to buckle under the pressure. Regardless, I couldn't resist buying one more book. I work mostly on alterations and additions to single family period homes where I'm constantly faced with the issue of marrying old and new. Given this, "Best of 500 Timeless Interiors" seems like a must have. 

It's good to get some fresh inspiration. Here's a sneak preview of the book's contents.

by Vincent Van Duysen (one of my favourites)

Another space by Vincent Van Duysen.
Images scanned from "Best of 500 Timeless Interiors" by Wim Pauwels, Beta-Plus Publishing, 2011, New York.

I bought mine here and got a good deal.


  1. got to love a good design book! I gave up on a bookshelf about 3 years ago. My books are a pile nearly as tall as me in my room. Really sucks when I need a book from the bottom! - been meaning to design and make one out of plywood using school's CNC router for years now!

  2. @Jenna I've got an overflow pile next to my bed too! They technically don't all fit in the bookcase at the same time. Same story goes for my wardrobe (hence the constant presence of a floordrobe in my bedroom). You should totally build a bookcase before you finish up. Take advantage while you can. I do miss having access to those sorts of things...


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