tape melbourne.

Sunday 25 September 2011

Last week I checked out "Tape Melbourne," a temporary installation instigated by Christoph Katzler of Numen/For Use. The enjoyment factor of this project was threefold for me. One, it was made entirely of packaging tape. Amazing. Two, the suspended web like structure with its cocoon-esque skin was just gosh darn captivating. Lastly, you could actually go inside and explore!

Inside was quite the experience. With the knowledge it was made out of few thin layers of packaging tape, I had to concentrate pretty hard not to freak out, especially given that it was quite bouncy and the translucent skin afforded the occasional opportunity to perceive how high I was suspended off the ground. Once I got past that, I was pretty happy to explore this surreal, cocoony maze.

Project commissioned by Federation Square.
Conceived and designed by Numen/For Use and built on site with a small group of volunteers.
Project details found here.

All photographs in today's post by me.


  1. That is quite cool...

  2. wow, that is stunning!
    I'm very jealous of your visit to this exhibition...
    Too bad Sweden is so far away :(

    Thank you for your comment today.
    Wish you a good start of the week.


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