Sunday 16 October 2011

My friend Mark just completed this beautiful cafe, "two:bob" with his design studio, Universal. It's refreshing to see a cafe fitout that doesn't use the go-to formula of an industrial aesthetic. (You know the usual drill: Tolix stools, plywod lining, aluminum lampshades etc. Not that I'm against that look but it's exciting to see something different.) 

I love how the restrained palette allows the original Victorian mouldings to sing. I also enjoy the minimalist detailing, like the horizontal datum running across the wall, delineated by a subtle change from white paint to pale blue. And how can you not love the playful black birdies mounted on the walls?

I hear the food is just as good as this classy yet casual space. I can't wait to try it out.

Photographs by Mark Simpson. Cafe located on Queens Parade, Clifton Hill, Melbourne.


  1. Mark came and spoke to us at uni a couple of weeks ago! he was so interesting to listen to, this project is beautiful!

  2. ps totally living my blogging life vicariously through you at the moment Ella!

  3. love this! Is there somewhere I can see these images larger?

  4. @ Susan, they're getting professional photos done in the next week. I'll let you know once they're up on their website. I've got more pics that I can email you too.

    @ Jenna, what a small world?! Mark is pretty awesome! Talented and nice. Always a good combo. They're building a cool little house in the country which I'll blog about too once it's built.

  5. PS. Susan, I think I've lost your email address. Can you send it to me?

  6. Yes he showed us his house too! He showed us lots of bits and pieces, it was a great guest lecture - he showed us the Folding Press installation with the origami wall - ironically it made me think of you straight away, I actually mentioned you in a blog post i did about it a couple of weeks ago! Ha ah yup totally a small world...


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