a little break before showtime.

Monday 17 October 2011

Image via jaquelyn's Pinterest.

I've previously mentioned that I'm part of a dance performance. It's now performance week which means a heavy rehearsal schedule on top of looming work deadlines. Unfortunately, something's got to give, so you'll be seeing a little less of me this week - but never fear, I do have a guest post lined up while I'm away.

Whist I'll miss blogging, I am very excited about the upcoming performance. I woke up completely wired this morning and suspect I'll stay that way all week.

The show is about a passion for dancing, presented by a group of diverse people with varying levels of dance experience.  It's an opportunity to share why we dance, how dancing makes us feel and how dance has brought us together to create a beautiful (and incredibly motivated) little community known as "Homemade."

We have been supported by six incredible professional dancers/choreographers. These are people I've watched on stage time and time again and greatly admire, so to say that I'm honoured to be working with them feels like a major understatement.

I'm truly excited to be a part of this very special and wonderful adventure. 

Artwork by Laura Summers.

Click here for more details including ticketing.

Centre photographs taken by Kat Bond with Photoshop trickery added by me. Text on images are excerpts from interviews with the performers.


  1. this looks INCREDIBLY interesting - and great/intriquing graphics as well! i suspect we do not live near one another however...


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