paper bas relief.

Wednesday 23 November 2011

After doing the papercutting workshop over the weekend,  my admiration for paper artists has grown ten fold. Sorry to whinge but papercutting hurts your fingers and your eyes and it seems almost impossible to cut anything with a radius with any degree of precision (well, at the very least it can't be mastered in a three hour workshop).

Potentially more impossible than paper cutting might be paper sculpting. I'm not normally so excited by literal narrative scenes, but these bas relief paper sculptures make my jaw drop with wonder, delight and a little pang of jealousy. Oh how I envy the vision, understanding of material and faultless crafstmanship of these artists.

Images above by Canadian paper sculptor, Calvin Nicholls. Images via Pictures.

Two works above by Jeff Nishinaka. Images via Randommization.
I found the above image here. Unfortunately, it's uncredited. Anyone know who the artist is?


  1. I would say that's an Elsa Mora piece

  2. @Justine Thank you! I had a feeling you would know. Checked out her website. Truly amazing stuff!


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