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Monday 21 November 2011

Table brush set from Mjolk.
Hi readers! A few quick notes.

1. I've finally updated "my daily reads" list in the right sidebar. I read a broad range of blogs so I've tried to categorize them for ease of searching. Please check them out!

2. I'm now on Twitter. Please follow me here. I always thought Twitter was about what Kim Kardashian had for breakfast (yawn). Turns out it's a mighty good resource for following all my favourite bloggers and creative people (particularly ones that aren't Google reader compatible). Looks like I'm turning into a fully fledged social media junkie.

3. Family and friends take note. I love pretty much everything from the Mjolk online store. (Is it in poor taste to turn my blog into a pseudo gift registry?)


  1. @Tine Thanks Tine! I just discovered your blog too and subscribed immediately. I love when I find another blogger that interested in the same kind of aesthetic!


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