"the loft" marquee by joyce + made

Monday 19 December 2011

This marquee for the Victorian Spring Racing Carnival was designed by my obscenely talented friends, Tarryn and Demie of Joyce + Made. It was commissioned by Bigger Than Ten Bears and built by CBD Contracting (the same builders responsible for Aesop stores around Melbourne and Paris).

It's hard to imagine, but Joyce + Made is a fairly new practice and this is one of their first completed projects. Am I being biased here or is this project freaking amazing and so much better than what you'd expect from a race day marquee? I'd expect something overtly glitz, erring toward gaudiness but instead, the design response is beautifully restrained. It's got all my great loves in one: a minimal but warm palette, fine detailing, repetitive geometry, suspended objects and all laced with beautiful, vivid greenery. In my eyes, this space is magic time infinity.

Photographs by Dianna Snape.


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