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Sunday 18 December 2011

You could say I go a little overboard with gift wrap at Christmas time. Last year's gift wrap involved plastic snowflake ornaments and spray painted jingle bells (God forbid they be silver instead of white).  I even went so far as to re-wrap store wrapped gifts.

A friend of mine told me she won't be wrapping her gifts this year as a stance against waste. I completely see her point and when I think about my careless disregard for waste when it comes to wrapping paper, the shame colours my cheeks. Having said that, I still can't quite see myself hand out unwrapped gifts.

Gift tags I made with my leftover air dry porcelain.
So this year I've wrapped my presents in reusable items like tea towels for the adults and socks for the younger ones. Which means no landfill and I feel a bit like Oprah with the bonus giveaways. Phew. Crisis averted. Have you got any sustainable gift wrap ideas? See if you can be resourceful this year too!


  1. I am a re-wrapper of store-wrapped gifts too - even when they spend 10 minutes attempting to wrap it perfectly; I think we may be too much alike sometimes!

    In true anal retentive Jenna style, I have got an organised gift-wrap box of recycled ribbons and papers and all kinds of amazing for wrapping presents. I think I like the gift wrapping more than present finding...

  2. Recycled gift wrapping is the best! I like using old cinema programs, newspapers, fabric remnants and flyers.

  3. This is such a great idea and they even look great, too. I will definitely try this next year.


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