the weekend menu no.4

Friday 16 December 2011

I suspect at this time of year, there aren't many people twiddling their thumbs searching for activities to fill their days. This late in the game, adding things to the to do list will probably only cause alarm. So this weekend, I have only two suggestions:

All image above via Kinfolk Magazine website. Some images have been cropped.
1. Take time out from the shopping frenzy and squeeze in some couch time with a copy Kinfolk magazine, a publication that celebrates the simple pleasures of people gathering. It seems like the perfect thing to survive the pre-Christmas commercial madness. You can view the online journal as a taster or order a copy online (including iPad version).

2. Avoid falling into a food coma. I'm not sure if you guys need reminding but I sure do. I'd like to skip the sugar related, heart palpitations this weekend, please.

Base image via.


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