eva black, folded.

Sunday 8 January 2012

I've been blogging for a while now and I must admit that's it's becoming increasingly difficult to really knock my socks off. Queue Californian graphic designer, Eva Black's thesis project, "Folded."

To produce this work, Eva sourced 3500 pieces of found papers from the likes of old artworks, travel maps and paper bags. I love the way she's used colour, pattern and structure to bring these disparate found papers into a cohesive, storytelling origami patchwork.

This really inspires me to think of something thoughtful to do with the papers I've collected over the years; old ticket stubs, letters from childhood pen pals, used dressmaking patterns, diary entries, wrapping paper remnants from treasured gifts. Did I mention that I love this work and that I'm feeling inspired?

Images via Eva Black's blog. Photographs by Lehua Noelle. Discovered via Upon a Fold.


  1. This is amazing. Ella! you MUST get the 'unfolded' book I told you about last year! it's full of this kind of thing! x


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