a cambodian experience, captured.

Tuesday 10 January 2012

After finishing high school, my 17 year old cousin, Patricia traded in a schoolies getaway for a school organized trip to Cambodia. Her trip included a week volunteering at a school for the underprivileged. As if this decision alone wasn't inspiring enough, Patricia returned with the most beautiful photographic record of her trip. Each photograph pinches at my heart and makes me feel heavy with adoration for these children. Patricia has so perfectly captured the luminous energy and resilience of these children who survive on so little.

I've blogged about Patricia's photography before (here and here) but these photos absolutely warrant a third mention. I'm not the only one who loves these. Her photos were also recently featured on Spook Magazine's website. Click here to see more.


  1. your cousin is really talented! And for sure an inspiration.

  2. wow! all of these images have so much emotion behind them! congrats to your cousin for her feature! thanks for sharing the talent that runs in the family.


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