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Tuesday 28 February 2012

Welcome to my new series where we take a peek into the creative minds of others. First up is fellow blogger and multi-skilled creator, Jenna of What She Has Found. I haven't actually met Jenna but I'm entirely convinced that we would get along like a house on fire. Like me, she studied architecture but her interests span a range of disciplines. She is one of my first webfriends and so I'm delighted to have her as my first guest for this series.
1. The multi-talented lady herself, Jenna | 2. Before & after bicycle wheel pimping | 3&6 University work | 4&5 Volunteer sewing for MONA exhibition | 7. Handmade hex nut necklace.

Where is your creative energy going right now?
I just finished my Masters in Architecture. Since graduation I have been working as a research assistant with the UTAS School of Architecture & Design [the wonderful place where I studied] on a speculative publication showcasing student’s collaborative design research projects with the Office of the State Architect. Outside of work I have been completing my ‘post-uni bucket list’: making jewellery, cooking, sewing; and more recently, restoring a 1970s Peugeot bike with the help of my hardcore-cyclist Dad.
Who/what inspires you always?
Over the past 2 years of blogging and uni, I have become more aware of my ethos and style as a designer. As a result, the conversations with my friends and peers at uni completely inspire me. Also guest lectures from visiting architects/designers were fantastic. Architecture is quite interdisciplinary, so it is easy to be inspired by other avenues of design – which I really love. 
Inspired by University Guests: Folding Press by Design Office and St Jude's by Russell & George.

Who/what is inspiring you right now? 
Being home in Hobart. It’s almost impossible to not be inspired living in such a beautiful city. The creative Tasmanian design scene is pretty amazing, for example projects like Designed Object Tasmania, MONA and the Mona Markets. The biggest thing that is inspiring me right now is I have just finished 5 years at uni, hence I’m enjoying having a tiny bit of Jenna-time. It’s rather nice to have the luxury of being able to think carefully about what I do next [be that travel or moving interstate to work] in such a special location.  
Describe your workspace. 
I currently don’t have a workspace as such. While I was at uni, the final year students inhabited the loft studio in the School of Architecture by Six Degrees and SBE – [a converted 1950s saw tooth railway engineering building with beautiful southern light]. I’m a firm believer of not working in the space where you rest and relax – So I always worked at my studio desk at uni.
Left: In the studio space. Right: A view of Hobart.
Your go to websites/blogs? 
I adore Veronica Loves Archie – I love the personality that shines through in Veronica’s blog. She is one super cool lady.  Other daily reads include Yellowtrace, Weekday Carnival, Wit + Delight, Island Menu – and of course, moleskine! Pinterest is my latest obsession, alongside collecting what I have found on my tumblr. I also avidly read design magazines – I love the smell of them. I’m currently subscribed to Artichoke, Urbis, Fallen, Inside Out, Treadlie, and Architecture Australia.
An excerpt from Jenna's Tumblr. I highly suggest paying the spot a little visit.

Most treasured on your bookshelf? 
I would have to pick Unfolded: Paper in Design, Art, Architecture and Industry. My sister Becca gave it to me for my 21st birthday, I love everything about it down to the neon orange inner cover. I also only recently learnt that the intricately folded dust cover unfolds into a poster! Blew. My. Mind!
Images from Unfolded via DesignBoom.
Share something from your creative bag of tricks. 
My mantra at architecture school was written on the student information white-board one day in my 1st year - 'make a decision and draw it'. Sometimes you need to just draw what you are thinking to get it out of your head - it won't always be the best solution, but you need to draw it to move on. It also allows you to discuss it. Another trick I learnt was to draw sets of characteristically different solutions. The first tends to be the obvious - and somehow you always tend to draw something you aren't expecting, that takes you by surprise. 


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