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Monday 5 March 2012

I discovered a Google trick a few months ago. Some of you might roll your eyes thinking "Pfffttt...that was so June 2011" but I think it's worth sharing for those that don't. It might help the working week ahead.

Did you know you can search Google using images? If you go into a Google image search and click on the little camera icon on the right, just beside the search button, a "Search by image" box pops up. You can upload images or drag images into the box and hey presto, Google will list all the sites where that image is displayed. It's great for finding out more about poorly credited images. It will even show you visually similar images (hello instant mood board). In the example below, I found out the name of the house, the architect and it brought up different views of the same house. Nifty, hey?

Admittedly the "visually similar" images are not always so successful and could do with an ugly-filter from time to time, but it's still a good starting point.

Main mage of Velux Sunlight House by Hein Troy Architects via Inhabitat.
Image sources 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 |


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