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Tuesday 13 March 2012

Fashion designer, Maximilian lives and breathes design in a way few people do. I met Max through dance a few years ago and I quickly discovered that he has an incredible, thinking eye. He somehow manages to always be creatively switched on and he has a passion and commitment that I find hugely inspiring. He's currently working as Production Manager for Australian label, Obus. Max has been kind enough to share some snippets of his processes.

Excerpts from Max's folio. Couture project for Portmans. Images courtesy of Max. Left image taken from Grazia magazine.

Where is your creative energy going right now?
My creative energy is painstakingly going into making dance. The process is excruciatingly embarassing, not least because I know plenty of dance-makers, who excel at their art and I am painfully aware of my shortcomings. I'm working on a project inspired by the city of Antwerp, sisterhood and the sensuality of hands.
Also, over the last year my partner Mark (of Design Office) has been designing our house, with daily input from me.
Scenes from Antwerp are influencing Max's current movement making. "The hand is the symbol of Antwerp and embedded in its psyche...the ritual of being fitted for gloves has inspired my dance-making" Top image of hands via. Left: sculpture in the town square via. Right: Huis A. Boon Glove shop established in the 1920s via.

Max's house designed by Mark Simpson of Design Office with input from Max. More images here.

Who/what inspires you always?
Recently, most consistently, probably Tracey Thorn for her humility, empathy and DIY attitude.
Who/what is inspiring you right now?
American singer-songwriter John Grant, who at 42 (roughly my age) has only lately started making his work...and it's by turns courageous and hilarious. And the recent movie "Weekend."

Stills from "Weekend," directed by Andrew Haigh. Stills by Quinford & Scout via film website. 

Describe your workspace.
In transition: we're moving to an open plan warehouse studio with big windows. I'm in transition too: my new creative space will likely be a dancefloor, not an atelier.
Your go to websites/blogs?
I rarely look at sites. I go to gardens. For couture, plants inspire me. I'm very much of the sculptural school of clothing, not ornamentation. Rhythm, minor chords, and ideas on relationships inspire me in dance.
Most treasured on the bookshelf?
I have a volume of Madeleine Vionnet I'd save from a house fire. Basically, she took women from corsets to the bias cut gown. In clothing, what you can't learn from her isn't worth knowing.
Madeleine Vionnet working from a marionette. Sources: Top left, bottom left and right.

Share something from your creative bag of tricks.
Trick 1: Make 100 thumbnail sketches, just get the ideas out, then edit and refine. If you have the basic ideas on a project, but the form feels stagnant, remix it: mash it up.
Trick 2: "The 10 minute rule." You're only allowed to spend 10minutes on a project you've been putting off but you have to be completely committed to those minutes. See what happens...
Trick 3: Go to Tokyo.


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