plywood fanatic.

Monday 26 March 2012

Given that both the office and dance studio that I spend a good portion of my waking hours are both almost entirely plywood, you'd think I'd be done with the material. Not so. Plywood, with it's grainy texture and naturally muted tone, has the ability to invite a moment of pause. Lately I've spotted a few examples of how it can successfully exude warmth and calm. It's quite refreshing to see it used outside of the industrial aesthetic.

Petra Bindel styling/photography. Via Busy Being Fabulous.
Single family house by Andreas Fuhrimann Gabrielle Hachler Architects. Photos by Valentin Jeck. Images via Daily Icon.
Pia Ulin photography/styling.

Plywood inside and out. Above two images of House Morran by Johannes Norlander Arkitektur. Images via Dezeen. External plywood is finished and sealed with black pine tar.


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