functioning cardboard camera.

Tuesday 10 April 2012

I received this cardboard camera as a late birthday gift. I love when birthdays keep giving, especially when said gift is as uber fun as this one.

It came flat packed with a large, die cut sheet accompanied with Ikea-esque instructions. Two to three hours of folding and gluing later, there I had my own pin hole camera.

Intended to teach users about the basic principals of how photography works, I was slightly disappointed that most of the buttons and levers were just stick on decoration (similar to the disappointment of being duped by fake pockets). On the flip side of that, it was fascinating to find that the magic of the camera all lies in that tiny little pin hole.

Now, to take it for a spin. Pending the success of the photos, I'll report back here.

This sliding tab opens and closes the pin hole, letting light into the camera. The rotating button just right of my hand winds the film.

Photos in today's post by me.


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