a dancing tornado.

Wednesday 4 April 2012

I attended my first traditional Jewish wedding on the weekend. They were giving out pre-prepared sweat towels so I can only assume the extreme partying I witnessed is part and parcel of every Jewish wedding.

Imagine a forceful, swirling tornado of dancing human bodies dotted with overjoyed expressions. Bodies flying in the air being catapulted from tablecloths! Bride and groom (and their parents) pulsing above the crowd on raised chairs! All this with vodka shots, bubbly, scotch and glittery party hats coming at you from every angle. I'm not used to seeing airborne bodies at weddings. I spent most of it watching with my mouth ajar and my hands on my cheeks in amazement. It was extreme, joyous partying from all ages. And it was a total hoot.

Images by me. Not quite the photos I was anticipating but given the speed of said tornado, it was near impossible to capture anything else. At first I was frustrated with my camera's inability to deal with the low light and movement but then I decided to just run with it.


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