hump day happy place: fogo island studios.

Wednesday 9 May 2012

As an architect, I think it's important to identify what makes a space inviting and exciting. We can speak endlessly about materials and forms and details but ultimately, the most important thing is how it hangs together and becomes a space we want to inhabit. So, as a hump day special, I'll be featuring a series of "happy places." Nothing like a bit of mid week escapism, right? These are places and spaces that make me want to jump on a plane and explore every crevice.

First up are a series of artists studios designed by Saunders Architecture. These studios are nestled within a spectacular site on the east coast of Canada. Although the rocky landscape is a huge part of the appeal, there's something about the architecture of each studio that invites play and adds to the "I want to go to there" reaction. It's riddled with architectural dares like the long inviting bridge and the precariously teetering structure perched on the landscape. And the perfectly framed views? Well, that's the dangling carrot.

Images via Wallpaper.


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