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Tuesday 29 May 2012

Pom is a graphic designer who, like me, has a passion for all kinds of making. She's an all round talented creator who possesses a warm, smiley energy which is ever so magnetic. She did a fantastic job with our business cards and has also done work for the likes of Vue de Monde. It was once I stole a peek of her personal collage projects that I just had to hear more about her creative processes. I'm so excited to have her visit the blog today.

Where is your creative energy going right now?
Most of my creative energy is bubbling into my own website and another crazy collage project. I feel like I'm going through a bit of a creative "discovery phase", partly fuelled by starting my own freelance graphic design business and partly by having to write my own blog. By having to articulate what inspires me and opening that conversation to others, I feel like I'm now engaging in something far larger and more exciting than I have ever experienced.

Who/what inspires you always?
In Graphic Design, I love Base Design, Angus Hyland, or for classic design Paul Rand. On another extreme, I love the sheer kookiness and quirkiness of Japanese graphic design.

Beyond graphic design, I am inspired by paper related things. Kind of crazy, but I have been lucky to work with paper companies where I get to lovingly stroke and fold pieces of paper. I love the texture, the sound and the crackle. From this, stems a love of paper in more broad creative contexts, such as wall stencils, paper sculptures and collages. I am particularly drawn to wall stencils. I love seeing a bit of humor and personality injected back into the world via street art.

Who/what is inspiring you right now?
I saw this small exhibition of Japanese graphic design as a fundraiser for the Tsunami victims and badly photographed one small image of a letterform combined with a tree, on my iphone. I then found the image and the creator via Pinterest and was thrilled by the discovery. The company is called Artless, founded by Shun Kawakami, Tokyo. As they say on their website, they "play in the realm between art and design". Their work is both moving and unique.

Selection of work by Artless. Images via designers' website.
Describe your workspace.
Hmmm....messy and at home, with a few stray pieces of lego and monster trucks sneaking in.

Your go to websites/blogs?
I must confess a little secret, I am new to this whole blogging caper and apart from your blog (of course) and The Bowernest, I tend to put more energy into Pinterest. For Graphic Design, I'm a fan of The Creative Review and rely heavily on the Zite app on my ipad to pull together great random blogs.

Sparkle & Spin by Paul Rand.
Most treasured on the bookshelf?
I am stuck in a massive phase of loving childrens books (usually by graphic designers), as I have two little boys. One of my all time favorites is "Sparkle and Spin" by Paul and Anne Rand (1957) - the most adorable collage style childrens book from the fifties. Also, Bruno Munari's ABC book from the 1960's.

Share something from your creative bag of tricks.
Try and do things that get you humming (or your version of humming/finger tapping/knee jiggling). If I am deeply into something I find myself humming. You need these "humming" projects to put the creative energy back into some of the more mundane, day to day tasks. These in turn feed the creative projects. Otherwise put some classical music on full blast.

Images by Pom Kimber unless otherwise stated.


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